RayQ RayQ

RayQ is a data mining tool, which supports the full process chain from accessing
data pools to producing final reports in one easy to use software. RayQ
empowers the business experts in areas such as internal auditing, risk
management or business development without long lead time or profound
knowledge of mathematics to analyze complex questions. By using an intuitive
grafical user interface (GUI) it is possible to build up complex analysis step-by-
step, to enhance existing analysis projects and to finally build standard reports
from these analysis which are run automatically.

The modular architecture and the possibility to easily access a
multitude of data pools allows the implementation of RayQ in very different
industries and to address very different analytical challenges.

One and the same RayQ infrastructure can be used to detect fraudulent
patterns with customers, to conduct internal auditing reviews within the
company and to develop new products serving the needs of individual
customer or customer groups. One of the main strengths of RayQ is that
business units can set up different analysis projects by themselves according
to the needs of the respective department. The modular architecture of
RayQ allows the user to change at any point in time and in any step of the
analysis project all parameters, validate interims results and explore new

The multiple export features allow for an easy publishing and distribution
of results. For the analysis all important mathematical, statistical and
analytical algorithms are available. Neuronal networks allow for complex
cluster analysis. Results can be displayed in tables or in two or three
dimensional graphs. The display modules are fully interactive which allows
to always track back to the individual underlying data set or to compare
different analysis.