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The mission of Qyte is to empower its clients to leverage their data available
within the relevant enterprise and potentially data form additional external
sources with minimum technical effort. Qyte therefore supports its clients by
advising on technology and architecture in the context of data warehouses,
by contributing to database development as well as in all areas of data-mart,
data cleansing and data profiling.

Qyte trains the business units of its customers in order to empower the
business experts to define and implement both standard and special analysis
without programming effort and without support by their IT units.

In case of very complex and challenging ad-hoc analysis or in order to build
a basis repertoire of standard analysis for our clients, Qyte conducts data
analysis on behalf of its clients – potentially using Qyte's technical
environments. Jointly with our partners and clients Qyte continuously
develops new processes, algorithms and technology, to analyze huge
amounts of data in a a very timely fashion – up to real-time analytics in a
multi variable environment.

Qyte has accumulated inter alia experience in the analysis of insurance data
(fraud detection, disease management), banking data (fraud detection,
credit risk analysis), trading data (market surveillance, portfolio risk
management), customer retail data and technical manufacturing data
(process optimization).